The company

COM.INT.EL. is one of the market leaders in Europe for the distribution of raw material for PCB production. Active for more than 30 years in the market, we have been an ITEQ partner since its foundation in 1997. Moreover, in order to strengthen our partnership and ITEQ presence in Europe, ITEQ acquired 18% of our company’s shares.

As exclusive distributor for ITEQ in Europe, Russia, Africa and the Middle East, COM.INT.EL. makes all of its know-how acquired over the years available to the customer, becoming the ideal partner for all needs.

Thanks to our cutting and distribution center located in Italy, COM.INT.EL. provides the customers with a quick and tailor-made service.

COM.INT.EL. is a future-oriented company and thanks to steady investments, both on the sales and production side, in continuous evolution and expansion.


  • 2023 Installation of new IMA Schelling cutting machine with fully automatic loader

  • 2022 Obtaining first ISO 9001:2015 certification and implementation of ERP software

  • 2021 Installation of a new vacuum machine for prepreg panels

  • 2019 Installation of a new punching machine for prepreg panels

  • 2018 Installation of an automatic lifter for prepreg rolls

  • 2017 Significant extension of the storage capacity of the prepreg cooling room
  • 2016 Construction of the new prepreg cutting department
  • 2014 Expansion to the Russian market
  • 2013 Installation of a fully automatic cutting machine for the cutting of laminate (VF-Multicut)
  • 2009 Implementation of a new beveling module (Shoda)
  • 2008 Installation of a laser machine for the marking of CCL panels
    Extension of the cooling room for prepreg storage
    Purchase of the gel time tester to extend the prepreg shelf life as an additional service for customers

  • 2006 Creation of the first cooling room for prepreg storage
    Creation of the prepreg cutting facility and installation of the prepreg cutting machine (Pasquato)

  • 2005 ITEQ Corporation acquires 18% of the shares of COM.INT.EL., strengthening its presence in Europe, and appoints the company as its exclusive agent for all Europe
    Installation of the first module of the beveling machine (Shoda)

  • 2004 Acquisition of the warehouse
    Creation of the laminate cutting facility and installation of the diamond saw cutting machine (Mayer)
  • 2001 Appointment as exclusive agency for the territories of France and Germany
  • 1997 Since ITEQ Corporation’s foundation, COM.INT.EL. becomes the exclusive agent of the Taiwanese company for the distribution of raw material in Italy and Spain
  • 1994 Creation of the laminate division in order to provide to European PCB factories high quality FR4 as an alternative for local producers
  • 1982 COM.INT.EL. is founded as sales division of a local, no longer existing, PCB producer

Our team

Com.Int.El. is composed of a young, active and close-knit team, always ready to help and advise the customer.

The foundation of our team is based on loyalty and dedication which are reflected in our company’s business model and in our relationship with our customer.

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