Technical Service

The electronic industry has become more and more specialized and complex and it is, therefore, necessary to provide an appropriate technical service. COM.INT.EL. supports the customer from the material choice to the PCB production.

The right choice of the material for a specific application is an essential aspect considering the wide product range available. The customer has only to provide some key features or the application and a qualified team will see to the rest.

Additionally, the customer might need technical support even after the material has been chosen. That’s why COM.INT.EL.’ s experts are available to help the customer in the development and production of the PCB.


COM.INT.EL. offers a wide product range and high flexibility thanks to its long-term cooperation with ITEQ as an exclusive supplier.

The material lies in the COM.INT.EL. warehouse and is cut and shipped only after the customer places a purchasing order.

In this way, the customer does not have to worry about stocking big quantities of material or making long forecasts. The delivery time of this kind of service varies between 1 to 10 days.

This kind of stock is built in cooperation with the customer, based of different criteria such as previous consumption and purchasing forecasts.


The material is delivered to the customer and it is stored in a dedicated warehouse.

Legally, the property belongs to COM.INT.EL. until the customer informs about its usage. For the customer, the advantage of this option is the immediate availability of the material at its plant and the possibility to pay for the material only when it is used.

There are 2 ways of restocking the consignment stock:

  • Upon the customer’s request: the delivery of the material follows a purchasing order
  • Automatic service: the material is delivered based on minimum and maximum storage levels agreed upon with the customer

The customer orders the material in panels or sheets, through Com.Int.El., directly at the supplier production plant.

This kind of supply implies different delivery times depending on the shipping method:

  • by air: the lead-time is usually of 1-2 weeks from order date
  • by sea: the lead-time is usually of 6-8 weeks from order date

Cutting Service

The European PCB industry has always been complex and every PCB producer has different features and necessities, even in reference to production formats.
It is, therefore, important to have a cutting service to offer tailor-made solutions and a quick service.

Thanks to our current equipment and steady investments in new technologies, Com.Int.El. offers:

  • fully automatic laminate cutting
  • diamond saw laminate cutting
  • bevelling, surface cleaning and rounded corners
  • laser marking
  • prepreg rolls cutting
  • prepreg punching
  • vacuum packaging 
  • cutting of FCCL 


The packaging and shipping of materials are aspects not to be underestimated. COM.INT.EL. has always considered this to be an essential part of the delivery of the material, therefore we offer different solutions to meet the customer’s needs. A good packaging system allows the protection of the material not only during transport, but also while in storage at the customer.

The customer can choose between three different solutions for the transport of goods from Trento:


the material is shipped on wooden pallets that do not have to be returned. The material is fixed to the base by belts and wrapped in a film that protects it from external agents. The customer must take care of the disposal of the pallets after using the material.


The material is delivered on standard size wooden pallets, which have to be exchanged. With this method, the customer does not have to worry about the disposal after use.


The material is shipped on plastic pallets. The material is fixed to the pallet by belts and protected by a wooden frame with a cover. It is an eco-friendly solution because the pallets are not disposed of at the end of use but reused. The customer only has to take care of the storage of the empty pallets and frames, COM.INT.EL. picks them up.

Cutting facility

Com.Int.El. invites you inside our cutting facility and distribution centre. Visit our cutting department and see the equipment used for the cutting and processing of laminates and prepregs.

Explore our well-equipped laminate warehouse and our refrigerated room with controlled temperature and humidity for prepreg storage.